Jodie Neale Ceramics


My name is Jodie Neale and I live in the South Wales Valleys. I make ceramic art and functional pottery.

I have yearned to be creative for as long as I can remember. Art was the way I expressed myself as a child and it was how I connected with my class mates at school. I realised very quickly that it was not an easy subject to be good at and that gave me a real sense of determination.  After school I attended art college where I majored in contemporary craft. I then went on to study a BA Hons Fine Art degree at Coleg Sir Gar in Carmarthen. I would learn wood carving, stone masonry, welding and bronze casting. The course gave me a deeper understanding of three- dimensional design as well as opening my eyes to the history of art. Soon after my degree I found employment as a healthcare assistant at my local NHS hospital. My new found sense of purpose encouraged me to pursue a professional nursing degree. After completing my nursing studies I attended an evening pottery class. After twelve weeks of classes I set out to build a pottery studio at the bottom of my garden. I was immediately hooked. 

For me, pottery is my escape. I am fascinated by the sheer skill that this craft requires. Hours and hours of bare knuckle practice is required to make fine pottery. With every piece I hope to push the materials that little bit further and in doing so, learn that little bit more. I hope to produce work that will tell my story as a potter. It will evolve and improve as I do and take on new forms and colour as I discover them. I see pottery as an opportunity to leave my mark on the world and hopefully spread a little joy while doing it. 


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